Cut the Crap

Shut up and change!



I woke up this morning quite irritated. Reason which is still quite unclear to me. I couldn’t reason with things and my sloppy and off mood wasn’t really helping the cheery environment at home. Thankfully our humble abode has one corner which is quite colorful and quiet. I picked up my book and sat in that corner , looking out of the window where I could hear the chirpy birds and the noise leaves made as the morning breeze gushed over the tree outside. And my grey mood turned all vibrant and I felt the peace I could reason with. Some people need bright colors to cheer them. Some need light colors to feel the peace. Some needs the serene nature noises and some find solace in the arms of their loved ones. Can not dare to go deep in science behind all the mood changers, but yes life is pretty. Although you can not control certain emotions but figure out what can win back your smile effortlessly and Keep it handy.

Leave The Gym Resolutioners Alone


Sass & Balderdash

We’ve all seen them. There could be one next to you right now on the treadmill holding on for dear life and hiking up a level 15 incline. You may have spotted one inquisitively eying a BOSU ball, wondering what manner of cruel and unusual punishment a semi-circle could possibly deliver. They’re the Resolutioners who have taken your gym by storm this January to get started on their weight loss and fitness goals, and they haven’t received the warmest of welcomes.

I used to be a Resolutioner. In fact, I can say with confidence that “losing weight” or “eating better” was probably my staple resolution from the year 2003 through 2011. When it comes to my New Year’s resolutions, it was probably only surpassed in frequency by “This year I’m going to have a boyfriend,” or “This year I’m committing to not being so quiet and weird.”

I never stuck to it. I’d show up to the…

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Complicated ,is it?!?

Some of us, by that I mean, definitely me, face the dilemma how soon the success will come or will it fail even before anything substantial could happen. Many decisions are retracted just because the mind sure assures failure than the chances of success. I read this quote sometime back ,

2015/01/img_6950.png and asked myself, whether it’s the failure that scares me and the answer sure as hell was, it’s the image I was more scared of. I don’t really know how many think alike are there but that’s when I decided to come out from the hideout. Spoke what I thought and felt was right even if wasn’t payed much heed. That’s okay, because atleast you can hear yourself. And i guess it isn’t really a case for those who are already doing what they are best at, hangout with people who they know are comfortable with. The problem is with those who want to do something and do something else instead. Who think deep for no reason and complicate their lives between what is approved of and what isn’t. Yet again, it’s what the mind think is right or wrong, people around you always are more flexible than that tiny brain inside you. It’s not people , it’s the you inside you who isn’t sure of ‘you’ .. If that makes any sense.


Its been a while since am struggling to really understand what exactly am i really good at. I did realize one thing, i couldn’t really work unless it was happening as i planned and this was the biggest hurdle between me and the platform i saw myself standing on. Its not that i have figured it out but sure am solving the puzzle myself. Minute by minute, the designs changed and change which obviously turned my head from right to left and often lead to the pit full of disappointments. But thats okay i guess, unless you let it affect the shine in your eye. My brother told me  its your vision that counts, a team ofcrse is essential but not mandatory,  time i cribbed about doing things alone.  

 But now i enjoy this struggle. I hope you do too. I found my interest in accessories  and styling and everyday i wake up to ways i can improvise in doing things in more economic ways because afterall, its hard earned. A year ago, i was just talking about my fashion studio, today am working to own one… and i wont stop until i have one. 

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